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This week, I received a letter from the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong which contained my Hong Kong pharmacist registration exam results.

I’d been fretting for weeks about this letter.

The letter informed me that I had successfully passed all three pharmacist registration exams! This is remarkable news that I still can’t believe.

I hesitantly predicted my success in this post which I wrote shortly after the registration exams. However, I did not anticipate the extremely low pass rate for the December 2016 Examinations.

Pharmacist Registration Exam Results

  • Pharmacy Legislation in Hong Kong: 81 candidates with a 42% pass rate (34 successful candidates).
  • Pharmacy Practice: 94 candidates with a 13% pass rate (12 successful candidates).
  • Pharmacology: 84 candidates with a 10% pass rate (8 successful candidates).

I’m truly thankful for everyone who assisted me with this process especially my family in Hong Kong, my previous manager, and my reference letter writer (you know who you are).

To finalize my pharmacist registration I must pay a fee and submit the final paperwork. I expect that within the next month I’ll complete my journey to become a registered pharmacist in Hong Kong!