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DocStation: The Intuitive Electronic Health Record for Pharmacists

This month I got a personal tour of DocStation-an innovative platform that will forever change clinical pharmacist documentation (how we record our clinical work).

DocStation is the electronic health record created by pharmacists for pharmacists. What I’m thrilled about is that DocStation contains all the data needed to help patients and their health professionals keep track of their medications. And it’s all securely managed online, making it easily accessible from anywhere. If you are a clinical pharmacist who is passionate about patient care, your need to learn how DocStation can simplify your practice.

Current Features

From the main screen you begin with a complete overview of your patient’s information.  DocStation allows clinical pharmacists to easily record and update their patient’s current medication list, allergies, medication insurance, social drug use (e.g., smoking, alcohol), diet, health concerns, and diagnoses. Any of this information, such as an updated personal medication list, can be readily printed.

Clinical pharmacists can quickly get a snapshot of their clinical interventions and the estimated cost savings. Easily group patients under a group practice or clinic to get a global snapshot of the group’s interventions. You can also drill down to the specifics of your interactions based on clinical intervention, specific drug or disease state. Help patients with long-term medication adherence by syncing all their prescriptions so that they are dispensed on the same day and for the same duration.

Say goodbye to your fax machine! Clinical interventions can be quickly emailed directly to physicians for review and approval. Alternatively, the pharmacist can document the approval received in written or verbal format.

The current features solve the most common problems pharmacists face with current dispensing software and health records. The best feature is a responsive team that is committed to creating an even better platform.

Future Developments

DocStation will be able to integrate with your claims-based pharmacy data allowing you to track in real-time your patient’s medication adherence, based on their medication possession ratio. There will also be the ability to write your rationale for each clinical intervention. The team is exploring integrations with other electronic health records so all health professionals have access to the patient’s most current medication list.

Soon I’m told there will be a patient portal so that patients can access their own health information.  There are plans to work on a mobile app, making it even easier for pharmacists and patients to access the platform. Through feedback from users, the team at DocStation intends to continually improve the platform.

Data Management

Data is securely stored with Amazon Web Services and is HIPAA compliant (USA legislation).  If you are outside the USA you will need to confirm that security and privacy complies with your local laws governing health information.

Justify Your Work

DocStation can certainly enhance ambulatory and clinic-based pharmacist practice. The fact that it automatically quantifies and categorizes your interventions, in both clinical and financial terms is the best way for you to convey your value to payers and patients.

Learn more about how DocStation can enhance your patient care practice through enhanced pharmacist documentation. Don’t miss out on this exciting innovation that can rapidly transform the way you track your clinical interventions and your patients’ outcomes.

Update from Hong Kong

Many people have asked for an update on my Hong Kong experience. It’s been just over five months since I moved with Joanna back to her home city. Given our many new priorities such as finding a permanent place to live and a new job, I’ve recently been absent from the blog.

Thank you for continuing to follow me. In no particular order, here is a brief update of the many professional and personal experiences since arriving in Asia on January 27, 2017.

  1. Celebrated my first Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.
  2. Spending lots of time visiting with my family and hosting friends from Canada.
  3. Successfully passed the Hong Kong Pharmacist Registration exam, and became a registered pharmacist on May 2, 2017.
  4. Started my new job at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Centre for Safe Medication Practice and Research, on May 4, 2017.
  5. Completed my first elementary Cantonese class with the Chinese Language Center at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). I will be starting the next level this week.
  6. Joined the South China Athletic Association fitness centre. Weight training is helping me get stronger and gives me more energy.
  7. Peer review one article and one Pharmacotherapy Self-Assessment Program chapter.
  8. Became a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong.
  9. Discussed pharmacist career opportunities with students at Island School.
  10. Joined the council of Pharmacists Connect, where I’ve made a lot of new pharmacist friends.
  11. Imbibed many local beers at Back to School Brewing, Hong Kong Beer Co. and Moonzen, some of Hong Kong’s great craft breweries.
  12. Attended the Hong Kong Pharmacy Conference and made some new friends.
  13. Discovered local fresh roasted coffee that is delivered to your door, from Coffee Roasters Asia.
  14. Attended my first Nerd Nite, Hong Kong edition, and learned about brewing beer and biodiversity.
  15. Attended Aging 2.0, hosted by Health Care Drinks, Hong Kong.
  16. Celebrated Canada’s 150th Birthday in style. The same day was the 20th Anniversary of the Hong Kong SAR handover to China.
  17. Joined HK Hiking Meetup, the globe’s most active Meetup group. We’ve completed a number of really beautiful hikes all over Hong Kong.
  18. Went sailing for the first time from the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, at Middle Island with Joanna’s uncle.
  19. As part of my work at HKU, our team met with an executive editor of The Lancet. This was a very enlightening experience on medical journal publishing and the role of editors and peer reviewers.
  20. Worked out twice with November Project Hong Kong.
  21. Was in the audience of BBC World Questions, which was asking about the future of Hong Kong.
  22. Visited Singapore for the first time. Can’t wait to go back for a second trip!
  23. Finally sold our car in Canada.
  24. Went swimming at Repulse Bay.
  25. Found a great 380 sq ft flat in Causeway Bay that has enough room for an Asian sized twin bed-we used to sleep in an American king bed in Canada. Plus the flat includes two small balconies.
  26. Reconnected with my inner child at Hong Kong Disneyland, my first ever Disney park experience!

Between work and enjoying what Hong Kong has to offer, the blog will continue with a renewed focus on drug related research, and on medications and clinical pharmacy in Hong Kong.

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