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In recognition of Pharmacist Awareness Month (March), I’m thanking my many pharmacist mentors who have generously shared their time, their perspective, and their advice with me.¬†You have each contributed to my growth as a person and as a pharmacist.

I encourage each of you to take a moment to recognize any pharmacists in your life who have helped you achieve better health or helped you get the most from your medications.

So here is a sincere thank you to my pharmacist mentors! In no particular order:

  • Sheri Koshman
  • Cindy McMinis
  • Natasha Krahn
  • Barry Power
  • Eddie Wong
  • Aileen Jang
  • Cheryl Sadowski
  • Monica Zollezi
  • Azmina Suleman
  • Margaret Gray
  • Alice Chan
  • Tracey Lawson
  • Steve Freriks
  • Elizabeth Mathews
  • Sheila Walter
  • Christine Ontko
  • Mary Gunther
  • Julie Pellerin
  • Rita Pon
  • Jenny Shiu