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Welcome to my blog!

I routinely see patients who are not able to fully benefit from their medications and yet I know, that by working with a clinical pharmacist, they could significantly improve their health.  That is why I have started this blog. It is a venue for me to share some of the practical information about how we use medication therapy and to inform people of the many options for receiving medication related services.

I often struggle to communicate exactly what I do and how it benefits patients. This blog gives me a chance to put my thoughts down in writing-describing information and resources that can have an impact on your personal health and overall well being.  I plan to share my point of view and engage in discussions about health care, medications, pharmacy and public health, that you the reader, find relevant. Some of the topics I share will be controversial. Others, will be more educational. Some posts may give you in-depth information that you can apply to better understand your health and your particular medications. All of these posts will help you to make your medication therapy more meaningful.

Please send me your ideas for topics, and share this blog with your friends, families and patients. I welcome your comments and thoughts as I continue development of this blog.